Lost And Found

Pull behind tube and a couple of other things on Little Pelican Lake.  Drifted over to our place two weekends ago.  It has been on our lot leaning on a tree for two weeks, just put in garage.  Call 7013615667 to identify and claim.



Lost on Pelican Lake

Phase 5 Surf Board lost 8/04/17

Black and Pink.

Thank you!

Gary Kaiser



Lost: Our son lost his sunglasses in Little Pelican Lake in July. They have a floating strap attached. If by chance you find them, call 701 226-1506.

Lost at Fireworks Field 07/04/17

Can of mosquito spray
Toy car
Gerber Knife
Quilted smaller blanket

Call Rocky Swanson 701-361-8243 to reclaim items

Lost 06-19-17 Two Boat Lift tires were lost from Provan beach not sure of the date if found please call Doug at 701-219-0023

Found 06-11-17 Washed up on beach.  Wake Surf board.  Hyperlite.  Identify and claim.  Call 701-866-9001

Lost 06-03-17 two white and brown Radar stand up paddle boards and two paddles.  They were sitting on our dock that was only partially constructed.  A pontoon picked them up and asked some folks down the beach if they belonged to them.  Please contact Jennifer Waldera at 605-261-0601 or mjwaldera@alliancecom.net

Found 05-31-17 Wood dock section about 8 ft long with post brackets on one end and drop in hook brackets at the other end. On the beach of Lot 1, Northland Addition off fish lake road on the South East shore of Pelican Lake.

The dock section is 4 ft by 10 ft. it is constructed with 3 2x6 stringers.  There are hook brackets on one side and the other side have what appear to be aluminum dock post sockets.  It is very heavy.  It is still on the beach between Lot 1 and Lot 2 of Northland Beach.

Jeff Struck 218-739-3453


Found 9-10-16. Yellow 7’ X 9’ Shore Master swim raft on Little Pelican Lake. 218-532-2753

Ronix Wakesurf Board (woodgrain, white/gray & black)North shore of Pelican Lake.  Please call:   Gary @ 218-841-0404


Orange, 2-person Pelican kayak around August 6, Toussaint Heights.  Contact the Buckleys (619-917-2444)

Older Kennedy pontoon with 60hp motor, east side of Pelican lake.  Call Pat at 651-276-0759

Big Mable Tow Tube – two personRed/Black/YellowLost from Kabicona Beach #21478  north side of the lake this week.
Please call Leah at 701-388-2124 if you have found it




August 4th. 2 1/2  by 6ft  Lime green float (noninflatable kind) blew off our dock. Knollwood Beach, south side Pelican Lake.




Found: jet ski cover on pelican point.  Call 701-391-7000


Paddle boat washed up on shore at Bowery beach full of water.  Contact communications@pelicanlakemn.org


Found after fireworks in the field.  A cap and a home-made doll.  Contact communications@pelicanlakemn.org


Stolen: Paddles from John Zasada johnzasada@gmail.com Fish Lake.

2 of the paddles have white handles and white paddles with the arms all black.  They say "Cannon" on the paddles.  The 3rd paddle is all black.  Someone stole them from my beach.


Lost: White with blue stripe mooring buoy in the winds last week.  If found call Bob Shook 701-238-1756