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Kenora fisherman survives muskie 'fish attack'

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For anyone who thinks Musky don’t threaten Walleye populations:

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Muskie Schroeder 2015 table

Muskie Schroeder 2015 full study


Sport Fishing Letter to MNDNR 061716








Muskies in Pelican group of lakes 

MUSKIE MAGAZINE ARTICLE 2007 by Eric Engbretson

Excerpt from the article:

"I'll tell you what I would use.  I would look for a crank bait about 13 inches long that resembles a walleye.  If no one makes a walleye limitation for musky they really should.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen muskies stalking schools of walleyes.  I think the amount of preditation that occurs is vastly understated and understood.  Muskies target walleye with great regularity.  Walleye fishermen often report muskie attacking their catch as it's coming to the boat.  I want to assure you this is neither an aberration nor a deviation from their normal diet.  Muskie regularly follow, stalk and target walleyes.  I've seen this many, many times.  I think that bass are taken occasionally too but no where near the frequency that walleyes are preyed upon.  If you make your own lures, or can paint, and you fish muskie in lakes that have walleyes, I'd strongly recommend a walleye patterned lure.  You've undoubtedly heard that muskie prefer soft rayed fish like suckers and avoid sharp, spiny-rayed  fish like walleye.  That's nonsense.  I've seen both northern pike and muskie swallowing large walleyes, tail first!"

See the entire article HERE

The Knapp Study and DNR Bias Exposed

This article was written in 2010 and is almost identical to the arguments that have been raised by the PLPOA.  Hard to believe that nothing has been done since the article was published.  It is a great summary of the efforts of the PLPOA, but also shows how difficult the journey will be as we move forward.

Knapp Study and DNR Bias Exposed

Critical review of Knapp et al. (2008) MN DNR Publication 166

Per request of David Majkrzak, as a representative of the Pelican Lake Property Owners Association (PLPOA), we have reviewed the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Special Publication 166, March 2008 entitled “Fish community response to the introduction of Muskellunge in Minnesota Lakes” by Michael L. Knapp, Steven W. Mero, David J. Bohlander,
and David F. Staples.

Critical review of Knapp et al. (2008)

Muskie Concerns for Minnesota Lakes- Capt. Paul Dyrstad

Former MN DNR Enforcement Captain, Paul Dyrstad, has major concerns about muskie stocking for Minnesota lakes. He believes too many lakes are designated for muskie when only about one percent of anglers are fishing for them. He is concerned that a growing muskie population, alongside tribal and commercial netting, is having a devastating effect on walleye numbers, which he says almost all anglers prefer.

Muskie Concerns for Minnesota Lakes- Capt.Paul Dyrstad-

Muskie Bites and Fears- Short Summaries

August 2012 – Kenora, Ontario

Roles were reversed for a Canadian fisherman when he was snagged by a muskie. Jon Olson had dipped his toes in the water off a dock when he felt a tug. He yelled, yanked his foot out and saw a muskie clamped to it. He says the fish was about 40 inches long and weighed about 17 pounds. The fish let go and got away, leaving Olson with deep cuts to the top and bottom of his foot.

The full story, along with video, can be found HERE

Ontario Outdoors Muskie attacks Kenora-based tournament angler ARTICLE

 July 1983 – Rhinelander, Wisconsin

A seven-foot long muskie scared off swimmers from a Wisconsin lake after it bit a 13-year-old girl. Amber Fairley said she was pulled a few inches into the water by the fish before it let her go.  “I even have teeth marks on my toes. My whole foot is all mutilated. It’s really gross-looking,” Fairley said. The doctor had to use 15 stitches to close the wound. The muskie attack was confirmed by the doctor, fishermen and sheriff’s deputies.

Find the full story HERE

July 1998 –  Governor Dodge State Park, Wisconsin

Toes turned to bait for a Wisconsin police officer. Dan Droessler had his feet dangling out of his canoe when a 36-inch muskie bit down. It held on hard enough that Droessler could bring it into the canoe. He needed to get 60 stitches and had to use crutches while recovering.

You can read the entire story HERE

 June 2015 – Alban, Ontario

A quick check of the water temperature led to a bite mark on a boy’s foot in Canada. Cohen Frappier had just put his foot in the water off a dock when a muskie chomped on. Fortunately the boy only had minor injuries.

Check out the pictures HERE

Swimming Bite, 1988 - Laura Whitman

A muskie bit her near the ankle when she was about thigh deep in the water. It left teeth marks. “I haven’t been comfortable in the water since.”

Bite During Exercise, 2007 - Helen Bastian

While doing water exercises a muskie banged into her leg and bit her, drawing blood.  “I don’t think they belong in the lake.”

Loon Attack, 2010 or 2011 - Gary Ostbe

He was watching a normally quiet family of loons making a big commotion. They dove into the water. When they came up, one of the baby loons was no longer there. He assumes a muskie got it.

He also has some concerns with his grandkids in the water after his neighbor’s family spotted a large muskie in the water. “I don’t think we need this many muskie in the lake. I think they should stop stocking them.”

Big Bite on Fish, 2014 - Marilyn Froelich  612-845-3088

Her family spotted a dead, large Northern with a big bite taken out of it. After being told it had probably been bitten by an even larger fish, a young boy no longer wanted to go swimming despite being excited all day to do so.

Scare for Rescue Dog, 2015 - Karen Froelich  218-532-2902

She was afraid a muskie was going after her Yorkie in shallow water right where kids play. The fish grabbed a duck and scared everyone. “The whole thing scared me. It’s unsettling.”

 Hurting Swimming, Fishing and Nature, 2015 - Charlotte  541-812-1618 

After years of being an avid swimmer, she now has an aversion to swimming with “predator fish” nearly her size. “Any contact a child might have with a large muskie could be extremely frightening and traumatic if not dangerous.”

Afraid of What’s in the Water, 2015 - Paulette Evenson 701-367-5979

She has lived on the lake for 29 years, but after seeing the size of muskies and their mouths, she now shies away from deep water. “I’m just kinda freaked out by them - the idea of them being in the lake.”

Scaring Swimmers, 2015 - Fred Manuel

He says he knows if his grandchildren ever spotted a muskie in his swimming area like he has, they’d no longer go in the water. “What a shame destroying it for many just so a few muskie fishermen can benefit.”

 No Longer Comfortable, 2015 - Sandy Brudvik 701-430-0051

She used to jump off a boat and swim in deep water, but after learning about how big muskie can become, she says she wouldn’t dare do it anymore. “They would scare the daylights out of me if I jumped in the water. I can’t believe they bring muskie into this lake.”

Glad to be Out of Fishing Business, 2015  - DuWayne Strom 218-532-2336

He ran a resort and bait business for about 40 years and has seen a dramatic rise in the number of large muskie and big drop in the number of fish that would bring anglers out. “As far as I’m concerned, muskies have ruined the crappie fishing. It’s no more. There are hardly any left in Pelican, which used to be the best around. Pelican years ago was one of the best smallmouth bass lakes. Now you really have to work hard to find smallmouth bass.”

Muskie Issue Letters to editor

Muskie and Walleye Lakes Pelican gets compared within Minnesota. 

Charlotte Campbell 101915

Fred Manuel 082615

Charlotte Campbell 082615

Marilyn Froelich 082615 A

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Miscellaneous posts

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Larry Kohler 082615--Early fishing with my son, we had five follow-up in different locations in a couple of hours and on another occasion caught a 24" walleye only to have a huge muskie grab it's head on retrieving injuring the walleye which did not survive.  We have numerous sightings this summer around the docks and swim area including  muskie situations attacking sun fish or crappie as they were being reeled in fishing off the docks.

Outdoor writer, Charles Weiss,calls muskie “ambush predators.” He says “they have three rows of teeth on the roof of the mouth and dagger-like teeth on the lower jaw. This fish is like a meat-shredder.”

This photo of a 55 inch muskie, washed up on a Lake Lizzie shoreline

Lake Lizzie photo

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